ITDMs, start following these Twitter accounts now

November 28, 20173 Minute Read

Keeping up with changing technology is a full-time pursuit, but IT decision-makers (ITDMs) know how necessary it is to stay current. It can help to look to experts and thought leaders outside your immediate professional network to keep pace with nearly constant innovation and evolution.

That’s where social channels and Twitter, in particular, can deliver. The bite-sized bits of information constantly flowing from myriad sources offer a wealth of up-to-the-minute developments. Check out our curated list of the best Twitter accounts ITDMs should follow: @CIOonline

According to its name, this publication is for C-suite execs. However,’s timeline serves up a heaping helping of news, analysis, video, blogs, tips, and research applicable for any IT professional. It provides a wide range of information designed to facilitate decision-making on products and services, as well as management and collaboration issues.

CIO tweet

CompTIA: @CompTIA

This nonprofit trade association is dedicated to advancing the interests of IT professionals and companies. They offer a wealth of information on the latest IT events and conferences, continuing education, and trends. Most recently, the organization tackled encryption and how it’s changing the way we communicate.

CompTIA tweet

IEEE Spectrum: @IEEESpectrum

You don’t need to be an engineer to appreciate and learn from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the industry’s leading organization for professionals. The IEEE’s time line features news and analysis of trends on the IoT, AI, apps, neural networks, and other important topics.

IEEE tweet

Andrew Ng: @AndrewYNg

There aren’t many entrepreneurs who tweet about topics other than their personal ventures. Andrew Ng is one, probably because as both chief scientist of Baidu and chairman and cofounder of Coursera, he’s got plenty to say about a variety of subjects, including machine learning and educational tech. Ng’s also on Stanford’s computer science faculty and writes articles for the likes of Harvard Business Review that are packed with information on a subject that’s top of mind for every IT professional: AI.

Andrew Ng Tweet

BetaKit: @BetaKit

The go-to for Canadian professionals in the tech industry. BetaKit offers a wealth of coverage on Canadian startups and tech innovation.

HP tech innovation

Dan Frommer: @fromedome

The editor-in-chief of Recode has plenty to say about tech and frequently weighs in on matters ranging from sports and current events to the ongoing business of tech.

Dan Frommer tweet

Shane Wall: @ShaneWallCTO

HP’s CTO and global head of @HPLabs tweets about the future of technology, as well as issues relating to cybersecurity, 3D printing, and drones. His latest missive discusses Gen Z and a future of blended reality. If you’re looking for more of a security spin on your tech news, check out Michael Howard’s account: @MichaelHowardHP. Howard, serving as HP’s chief security advisor, provides a bite-size download of everything related to print security and compliance, which can help you lock down your business from the latest cyberthreats. It’s one of the best Twitter accounts ITDMs should follow.

Shane Wall tweet

Amber Mac: @ambermac

This keynote speaker, bestselling author, host, and tech entrepreneur is a fantastic resource for all things technology.

Amber Mac


One of the OG tech magazines, WIRED continuously offers the latest news with a healthy dose of in-depth reporting and analysis. Check in for the scoop on AI, IoT, apps, IPOs, APIs, and more.

WIRED tweet

Merriam-Webster: @MerriamWebster

Because all work and no play can make an ITDM a dull person, check out the dictionary’s feed. Not only will you bone up on vocabulary—because who can’t benefit from learning a word every day?—you’ll also be treated to informative tidbits of history and fun facts. Where else can you find the correct term for someone who loves cats alongside the most current additions to our language?

M-W tweet

Now that you know the best Twitter accounts to follow, get out there and start reading all about the latest tech! You’ll feel grateful for keeping up with the latest and greatest news when you glean valuable insights and bring them back to the office. Who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire a tech revolution at your business and drive it forward into a brighter, more tech-centric future.

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