Print security—it’s about protecting devices, data, and documents

February 9, 20181 Minute Read

Consider using the following to secure mobile printing solutions and keep your business secure.

Protect your devices

  • Apply administrative passwords to prevent changes to print device settings and functions.
  • Purchase print devices with threat detection and software validation features, so only authorized firmware and software is installed and executed.
  • Configure devices according to security best practices, such as closing unused ports and protocols and changing passwords.

Protect your data

  • Require user authentication to access device features.
  • Ensure print job data is encrypted in transit and at rest on the printer’s mass storage.
  • Protect scans with document encryption features and encrypted email.
  • Use secure mobile printing solutions to allow printing from mobile devices.
  • Erase sensitive data from hard drives before recycling old products.

Protect your documents

  • Activate secure pull printing to store print jobs until the user enters identification at the selected printer.
  • Use secure input trays to protect sensitive media, such as paper used to print checks and prescriptions.
  • Employ anti-counterfeiting solutions, such as security toner, to prevent tampering and alteration of sensitive documents.

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