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Banish cyberthreats from the ground floor up

Keeping up with IT security is, let’s just say it: exhausting. It’s like every day a new type of office security vulnerability is exposed. Whether it involves the latest and meanest in malware or an old flaw being freshly exploited, taking measures to minimize risk is more than a necessary task—it’s the law, as CGI points out.

Some of the most significant threats are also the most common. Public-access terminals for placing orders, networked printers (particularly those that run over Wi-Fi), and virtual machines that are remotely accessed on a regular basis all call for special attention to ensure they’re not easily compromised. A modern business has to take precautions from the ground up if it’s going to survive.

Acme Corporation takes that literally, securing infrastructure at every level. On the main floor you’ll find the lobby, where PCs and printers need to access the corporate network to check visitors in. They keep their printers secure with HP’s Secure Managed Services, providing them with secure devices out of the box as well as remote fleet management and professional support.

The grand tour of Acme

Preventing potential hackers in the lobby from gaining access via an unsecured printer is one of many angles that have to be covered. Above the main lobby is Acme Corporation’s internal sales department, bustling with sales personnel who communicate with customers and prospects while reviewing their CRM dashboards and reports. Again, the printer is a major point of security contention. If it’s compromised, confidential information contained in the CRM dashboard or reports could be copied. Fortunately, it’s Acme Corporation’s company policy to only use printers maintained via Secure Managed Services.

On the third floor is the data centre, and the hub where remote workers can connect. Strong BYOD policies are key, as a lost or forgotten phone could give someone all they need to unlock the gates. If any devices need to store data locally, they’re essentially pulling it out of Acme servers and placing it on their own systems, drastically increasing security risks. Biometrics cover the gap between diligent use of these devices and honest mistakes, ensuring that nobody without permission can get into the devices.

Floors five and six are accounting and HR. Acme Corporation’s sensitive financial, medical, and employee data is stored here. Physical documents need to be secured under lock and key, and digital documents must receive the same respect shown across all other levels of the organization. Above them is R&D—the heart and soul of Acme and a prime target for espionage.

Minimize risk . . . everywhere

It’s at this point that the need for identifying, assessing, implementing, and reviewing becomes critical. Each floor comes into play. In the lobby, visitor check-ins guarantee anyone who shouldn’t be in a given place can’t be in that given place. The possibility of the business being compromised over something silly like a work phone left in a restaurant is minimized thanks to biometrics. The use of modern secure printers is the icing on the cake, further reducing the overall office security vulnerability.

The right set of security protocols can prevent a would-be attacker from ever making it to those precious upper floors, be it physically or virtually. Could you be doing more to slow down attackers? If you said yes—what’s stopping you?